Amsterdam, ILY

I finally made it to Amsterdam for my birthday this year. I have wanted to go back since I first visited 14 years ago (wow, I'm getting old!). My favourite thing about visiting a city is trying all the vegan food that it has to offer. Amsterdam is beautiful, laid back city. With canals, coffee shops & amazing architecture. So, here is my small guide to Amsterdam!

Hotel & Flights
We booked our flights and hotel as one package using our local travel agents. I'm sure you could arrange something cheaper through a hostel, or by booking flights & hotel seperate but I am a worrier so for me I prefer to do it through a travel agent instead of online. Firstly, the flights were so quick and painless. We travelled with Easy Jet from Bristol, the flight took less than an hour. There is an Easy Jet app which is great to check in, check what gate you need to be at, it tells you if there are delays etc.

The hotel we stayed at was called The Kings Court Hotel. The hotel is located outside of the city centre. There is a tram stop just opposite which made it easy to jump on a tram and head straight to the centre. The room was lovely, clean, staff super friend, no complaints whatsoever. I would definitely stay here again. 

I was worried at first that we would be terrible at navigating our way around Amsterdam but thankfully the trams are great! We paid for a 48 hour pass which worked out at around £10/£11. You cannot use cash on the trams just card but if you head to the centre you can pay cash there. You can simply jump on and off at your chosen stop and just swipe your card as you go. The maps app on my iPhone was so handy to see which stop we needed to get off at and also shows you which number tram you need.

Vegan Food
Now to the good stuff. Amsterdam is great for vegan food! By simply searching 'Vegan Amsterdam' you can find lists of places to visit. The main one on my list was the Vegan Junk Food Bar which I stumbled upon on Instagram (photos above). This has to be hands down the best vegan food I have ever tasted. I chose the pink sharwarma burger and loaded fries, which was amazing! Definitely worth a trip. (It's worth mentioning that you can only pay on card here)

Next up, The Happy Pig. VEGAN PANCAKES. Thank you.
This tiny pancake shop located down a winding lane caters for vegans & non vegans a like. I chose a chocolate, banana and toasted almond pancake which is rolled and cut up in to bite size pieces. I had been craving this all day and it did not disappoint.

Maoz - Vegan Fast Food. This little green takeaway offers amazing falafel with fries. It was super busy there but I can understand why. Eat in or takeaway the falafel in pitta was delicious with your chosen salad and vegan mayo!

There is SO much to do & see in Amsterdam. It's fun to just explore the lanes and snap the amazing scenary. We visited the Sex Museum which is a cheap way to spend half an hour. The Moco Museum is a favourite for me which has a lot of Banksy work with Icy & Sot. I really love the Moco Garden which you can see above. We wanted to visit the Anne Frank museum but this is so busy and is usually sold out, next time I will be booking online in advance . Another great way to see the views of Amsterdam is a canal tour, there are lots dotted around and are around 15 euros for an hour trip which shares the history of Amsterdam.


Jess xo

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