My Skincare Routine

 Howdy! I have finally started to take my skincare a little more seriously, phasing out the horrible non vegan stuff that I had left over and replacing it with good ol' vegan & cruelty free products. Now this is what has been working for MY skin. I am in no way an expert but thought I would share my morning and evening routine and what I have been loving lately.

Naturally Radiant Hot Cloth Face Cleanser (Superdrug currently on sale £2.99)
Each morning I wet my face then take a small blob of this cleanser and rub in to my skin using my finger tips. I then wet the muslin cloth with hot water and wash the product off my skin. I am in love with this product - it is SUPER cheap,  removes make up easily (including eye makeup!) and does not iritate my skin at all. It is a creamy formula that soaks in to the skin, it isn't sticky at all and leaves my skin feeling so soft and clean. I was drawn to this because I had read such great reviews online and I 100% agree with them! 

The Ordinary Skincare Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% Face Serum (House of Fraser Sale £4.50)
I have spent SO long researching this brand - it has RAVE reviews and it is always sold out. After a lot of YouTube videos I finally settled on this. I apply this straight to my face again using my finger tips massaging it in to my skin. This product regulates sebum reducing pores and combating blemishes. It works to repair skin and promotes the creation of collagen. Keeping the skin clear (and hopefully looking fresh and young!) I have noticed such a difference in my skin after using this. My skin has always looked quite dull and tired but this is making a huge difference.

Vitamin E Radiance Face Cream (Superdrug £2.99)
I picked up this item from Superdrug as I needed a face cream that had sun protection (SPF 15). This was so cheap and again had amazing reviews! You only need a small amount, it creates such a glowy look to the skin - I love how it wakes up my dull looking skin. It's perfect to use before applying make up, it keeps my skin moisturised and gives me that natural dewy look. 

Naturally Radiant Hot Cloth Face Cleanser (Superdrug currently on sale £2.99)
After a loooong day at work there is nothing better than taking your make up off! I use the same cleanser that I use each morning. It is perfect for taking off stubborn eye make up and mascara.

The Ordinary Skincare Lactic Acid 5% + HA
After I have washed all of the cleanser off my face I apply this serum using my fingers. This product helps to reduce acne scars and improve the overall texture of your skin. I have annoying bumps under the skin that hopefully over time this will help to improve. This is a gentle exfoliator but please be careful if you have sensitive skin! 

I am now going to look in to getting a night time face cream to apply before bed, I want something super moisturising after using the lactic acid so I will keep you posted.

Once a week : The Ordinary Skincare AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution 
This 'face mask' should not be used more than twice a week and can only be left on the skin for 10 minutes so remember to set a timer! One thing I haven't mentioned is how much I love the packaging of these products - so simple but looks great. Kinda gross but it reminds me of blood when it is on the skin! This is a deep exfoliator that works in to the skin to clear pore congestion and again helps improve the texture of the skin, reducing the look of fine lines ( Hey, I'm 30 now!) At first it can sting (only slightly nothing uncomfortable) but I have found that it does not irrirate my skin at all and leaves it feel soooo smooth. If you are using this in the day it is very important to use a sun cream after you have washed the peeling solution off. 

Supplements : Flaxseed Oil
One that has become really important to me is flaxseed oil. I buy these in capsule form and only take one a day (the veggie version as some can contain gelatine). You can buy them quite cheap from eBay and Holland and Barrett. I really feel these have helped clear my skin especially the area around my chin which is usually caused by a hormonal inbalance. When I stop taking these my skin breaks out after only a few days so I always remember to stay stocked up.

Last but certainly not least - eat LOTS of beautiful fruits and veggies and don't forget to stay hydrated!

Jess xo

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