What Vegans Eat..

Just a little peak at some vegan goodies I have eaten recently. I had my first what DOOOOO you EAT!??? yesterday which made me laugh - there are vegan versions of pretty much everything! It really is easier than ever to make the change. When I first started to research a vegan diet I assumed I would lose some weight but who knew that vegan junk food would be SO good. I also get super excited when I see new things and always have to try them.. oops!

White Rabbit

I finally got around to trying the White Rabbit vegan pizza. This is quite pricey at £5 buuuuut it wouldn't scan at the check out and the guy gave it to us for free. Nothing tastes better than free pizza hehe. One thing I didn't like about this pizza is the olives they tasted really strong so I had to pick those off, it was a little dry so try adding a little vegan mayo or hummus - it went down a treat.

Cobbles - Ogmore

VEGAN SUNDAY DINNER! YAY! When this was brought out I didn't think I would enjoy it to be honest, it's obviously not like a sunday dinner that I am used to but it was delicious. The butternut squash filled with mushroom stuffing was my favourite, it was really tasty and the kale was lovely! It doesn't look a lot but it was super filling. They have a number of vegan options on the menu and vegan cakes, brownies etc. Oh and of course I had a very nice soya milk coffee. I will 100% be paying Cobbles a visit again in the future. I love how the place is set out and decorated too, making your visit really enjoyable.

Francos - Aberavon

This made me laugh SO much. When out for lunch with my mother we stopped at a chip shop/restaurant - this was the vegan option. A vegetable burger - literally. I wish I could have seen my own face when the lady brought this out. Mushroom, aubergine, tomato, courgette, onion, lettuce with a guacamole dip. Super messy but actually tasted really good. They now stock the vegan pies from Mr Nice Pie so it goes to show that if there is a demand then supply will soon follow. Yay! 

Afan Tavern - Port Talbot / The Saltwater Inn - Porthcawl

Lastly me and my mother stopped at the Afan Tavern near where I live. This is one of the vegan options a tai vegetable burger with sweet potato fries - I really enjoyed this meal and was stuffed afterward! The burger was a little spicy which I love. They also have a restaurant in Porthcawl called The Saltwater Inn, here they have an amazing vegan Shepards pie (it's so good even my mother has it when she goes there now which makes me happy) - brown lentil. bulgur wheat, mushrooms, carrots & spinach with a tomato & thyme sauce topped with bubble & squeak. They also have a vegan sweet potato and chickpea curry which I have yet to try. 


'til next time...!

Jessica xo


  1. So many gorgeous vegan goodies, I'm in total love with them all! The pizza looks incred, so dreamy and delish. I love the sound of the vegan Sunday dinner too, I've never been a fan of Sunday dinners due to the meat aspect but never thought about a vegan option. Will definitely have to try one day! The vegetable burger looks so good too 😍

    Aargh, can't stand those "what do you eat" type of people 🙈 You're so right, there are vegan versions of everything these days! 💕 As always absolutely love all your vegan goodies!

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    1. oh my gosh the sunday dinner was soooo good, gotta go back again!!! thanks for commenting :-D xxxx

  2. I love Cobbles, the cakes are amazing! X

  3. Oh yes their cakes look amazing, definitely going to try one next time I go! xx