Vegan Friendly Lush Products - Hurray!

A big thing for me at the moment is giving my skincare/beauty/haircare a over-haul and moving forward with great cruelty free & vegan products. That means using up all that I have at the mo (we don't like waste) and replacing them with products that do not test on animals and that have no animal products in the ingredients list. We don't need to use and abuse animals to make ourselves look good! Here are a few items I found while snooping the Lush website. Now we have to be careful because although Lush do not test on animals there are products that are not suitable for vegans but thankfully there is so much to choose from that is! So here are just a few that I would like to try and a couple of lines about them. Please let me know in the comments if you have tried any and which you recommend!

Ocean Salt Self Preserving
Sea salt, grapefruit, lime, mango butter, seaweed, coconut oil - the perfect combination for buffing and moisturising the skin, leaving you feeling super refreshed! Note - It looks as though the Ocean Salt scrub is suitable for vegetarians and the self preserving suitable for vegans so be careful!

This simple moisturiser is perfect for chapped lips, dry skin and even brightening tattoos - with only three ingredients rose wax, jojoba oil and candelilla wax.

Dream Steam
This steamer tab is made with rose, lavender and camomile - great for calming and reducing redness of the skin.

Full of Grace
A 'deeply moisturising facial serum in oil form that glides on' to the skin. Camomile blue & calamine powder is used to calm the skin with murumuru butter to keep it soft and moisturised. 

A solid conditioner which includes banana, avocado, figs and passion fruit - how amazing does that sound!? Packed with tropical fruit and cocoa butter it is perfect for taming frizzy hair.

Oooooh this sounds lovely! A bath oil made from orange, bergamot and jojoba oil, it fizzes and melts in to the bath leaving behind 'ripples of comfort and joy'.

Little Dragon
Ginger oil, clove bud & cinnamon - a warming beautiful bubble bar which will give you that much needed pick me up!

Sacred Lotus
This bath bomb is so pretty, it includes floral jasmine absolute, neroli oil which is uplifting & toning plus sweetly scented tonic that will transport you to a 'exotic floral paradise'. 

I'm desperate to try this hot oil treatment - my hair is always in need of a little TLC and this sounds perfect. Jojoba and olive oil used to hydrate and add shine to the hair plus cinnamon leaf and clove bud to stimulate the scalp promoting hair growth.

Powdered Sunshine
'Non stick sun care' - This loose powder keeps you safe in the sun and gives the skin a matte, subtle shimmer. 

The Big Sleep
This jelly bath bomb sounds amazing! Ingredients include lavender oil, neroli and camomile - a perfect relaxing bath just before bed time which leaves you with lovely soft skin.

The Birth of Venus
A jelly face mask(!) This sounds perfect for calming inflamed skin - the ingredients include calming lavender oil, fresh sea water, chamomile blue oil and olibanum oil.

I think I've spoken about this on my blog before - it is my all time favourite so I was super happy to find out it is vegan friendly. Patchouli oil, pine cone, lemon grass & orange oil - it is a love it or hate it scent that lasts all day. 

Deep Sleep
This shower jelly is super pretty imitating the colours of a sunset with lavender oil and camomile this will help you relax ready for a good nights sleep.

Lush have made it so easy to see if an item is vegan, simply look out for the little vegan logo which is usually next to the photo of the product.

Jessica xo


  1. This post is great, I love reading little snippets about products and the fact they're vegan is even better! Sounds like I'm in need of Deep Sleep and Little Dragon..

    // xx

    1. I was so happy to see all these vegan friendly options when I went snooping on the website, def need a trip to Lush soon! thanks for commenting :-)xx

  2. Ocean salt, full of grace and jungle are some of my favourites, jungle took some getting used to as it didn't feel good in my hair in the shower but when washed off and dried my hair is so soft! M xx