Quick & Easy Vegan Meals

A big misconception about veganism is that you will miss out on all your favourite meals. Not true, of course! Here are two of my recent fave meals that are so simple and delicious. 

Firstly, lasagne.. now traditionally this is a big meaty cheese fest but here is what I use to create a vegan friendly version.

You will need;

Vegan Soya Mince
Tomato Lasagne Sauce
FREE FROM White Lasagne Sauce
Pasta sheets (not fresh pasta as this usually contains egg I believe)
Peppers, onions, mushrooms

Nutritional Yeast

I start off with the soya mince, this needs to be rehydrated so I boil the kettle and place the mince in to a bowl covering with the hot water. It takes around 10 minutes and looks a little like porridge when it is ready. It tastes just the same as the frozen quorn mince which is sadly not vegan. 

I chop up the veggies and fry them in a big pan, adding the mince & tomato sauce and gently let it simmer. When this is ready I layer the pasta sheets & tomato-y mix creating around 2 layers. I then cover the top pasta sheets with the white sauce & top with a sprinkle of nutritional yeast (This helps create a 'cheesy' taste). I then cook in the oven for around 20 - 30 mins or until crispy on top! To create a garlic bread I simply toast some bread and add a little oil and fresh garlic on top. 

Tofu Stirfry

What you'll need:
Firm Tofu
Chopped veggies - shrooms, peppers, cabbage, onions, carrot - whatever you like!
Satay Sauce

I found this satay sauce when snooping around Aldi so decided to make a tofu stir fry. So easy to make and really filling. Firstly add all your chopped veggies to a pan and fry - I either use this avocado spray or just water. While I do this I bake my tofu in the oven on a high heat. I boil the noodles in a pan for around 10 minutes then add the noodles & satay sauce to the veggie mix. Next I chop the tofu in to little squares or you can scramble it and pop that in too. That's it! A nice quick and easy recipe that is super filling and there were plent left over for seconds.


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