1. Stick to my fitness goals.

Yes, yes super original. I joined the gym around 5 years ago. I've yo-yo'd in weight, have been miserable & not so miserable. I want to get to a stage where I am happy, confident and healthy. I'm re-starting the Grace Fit UK Guide which will take me up to March then I am going to carry on with the Ultimate Full Body Fitness Guide from 'Busy Bee Carys'. I also want to start a Yoga class. I have tried and failed before - I am not flexible at all and for some reason I get the giggles really easy BUT I'm determind to try again! 

I've also started to unfollow the gorgeous fitness ladies on Instagram that make me feel a little bit bad about myself. I still follow a few for motivation but I don't need to be mindlessly scrolling anymore.

Sticking to a plant based Vegan diet will be my priority during 2018 and beyond...!

This year will be the year I stop wasting money on random junk & coffees at Costa. I've set up a geeky little spreadsheet on my laptop, working out my income & outgoings - bills, rent etc and what is left over for me. I'm going to put at least £50 a month in to my savings account. 

3. Debt Free 2019?
Anything left at the end of each month will go towards my overdraft. Yep, it will. I promise! 

4. Adult Learning.
I've been working at my job for over 5 years now. I'm now 30 and have not had any proper training in..anything! I need to get over my nerves & really think about what I want to do with my life. 

5. Be More Confident.
I've been really struggling recently. Leaving the house, socialising. I'm an over thinker and it's exhausting. I need to find a way to take control of my thoughts & become a more confident/positive person. I guess that's a lot easier to type than it is to achieve in the real world but we'll see. I also want to experiment more with my clothes etc, I've become stuck in an endless circle of gym clothes. Need to get out of this rut as soon as!

I really wanted to edit this post & add this on the end. For months I've been day dreaming about buying an old van and converting it in to a little camper to go traveling around Wales on weekends with Daisy and Josh. I've been obsessed with watching YouTube vids about conversions and those living the van life. It's something I really want to do and I need to stop day dreaming and actually make this a reality!

Happy New Year everyone! 

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