The No Poo Method - UPDATE!!

Howdy folks, it's time I did a little update on the No Poo Method. You can find my post here where I talk about this all natural method. 

So, after this post I decided it was time to go to the hairdressers and have my hair dyed all one colour - and what an experience that was! I know my hair is not in the best condition, you can see the split ends from the photos but after following the No Poo Method I thought my hair was getting the natural goodness it needed. Apparently not. My hairdresser made it very clear how damaged my hair is (oh, thank you for the confidence boost!). Obviously this isn't brand new information to me. After bleaching & the blue, purple, pink hair dyes over the year my hair is not the happiest. She really wanted to do the big chop and pretty much cut it in to a bob. Nah, y'ok luv. I agreed to a big trim. I was really unhappy with my hair after this visit. As you can sort of tell my roots were super bright, almost orangey. I ended up dying it myself after this with a Nice 'n' Easy box dye. I felt really gutted because I had not used heat or any damaging products on my hair for weeks and this felt like a huge step backwards. 

Our normal shampoos and conditioners 'mask' our split ends. They smooth the hair to create the appearance of healthy hair where as natural products actually feed the hair with goodness. I knew it was going to take a while but my final goal would have been to not rely on hair products at all and only use natural shampoo bars or just water. Well since my visit I have been really wary about going back to The No Poo Method. Not because I don't think it works but mainly because my hair has been bleached and dyed a light blonde I feel like my split ends will be even more noticeable if that makes sense? 

I feel like I'm in limbo now, I really want to go back to the No Poo Method but my hair dresser has also scared the life out of me so I think I'm gonna make a visit to Lush and pick up some natural goodies from there - if you have any recommendations please let me know!

Jess xo

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