PURE - Freeze Dried Cat Food

LOOK AT HER!!! The love of my life Daisy!!

 I wanted to touch on the subject of being Vegan and feeding your pets a meat based diet. Strangely, I have read online that a lot of people do not agree that you can call yourself Vegan if you do this.  My main priority is to give my pets the best possible life. Feeding them, keeping them safe, warm and most importantly HEALTHY. Cats need meat to survive, my beautiful hedgehog needs a varied diet that includes cockroaches, meal worms etc - it would be cruel of me not to feed them those things.

Daisy recently had the opportunity to try the Pure Freeze Dried cat food range. This product is freeze dried meat - the easiest way to feed your pet the goodness of a raw diet without all the prep, perfect! It is suitable for both kittens & adult cats and great for sensitive or fussy eaters.

The product itself is a powdery consistancy with chunks of chicken or tuna. Ingredients include carrot, egg, spinach, coconut oil, salmon oil - all good stuff for my gorgeous gal! It comes with a little scoop so it's super easy to prepare. It's around 1 scoop of food to 1.5 scoops of warm water. You then leave for a couple of minutes for the product to rehydrate and ta-da! So simple. 

Daisy goes absolutely bonkers for this stuff! And I am so happy to be feeding her something full of nutrients and that is healthy for her. Please make sure to slowly introduce new food in to your pets diet as it can upset their stomach if you make the change straight away. For a kitty Daisy's age (almost a year!) 3 - 4 scoops a day is recommended.

This brand also offer kitty treats such as a 'Meaty Toppings Superfood Boost' & a 'Catch of the Day Fish Treat' which I definitely want to purchase as I think Daisy will love them based on her reaction to the food. There's a whole bunch of success stories on their website which really shows how great a raw diet can be. When my dachshund cross had a few skin problems a while ago it was recommended by other dog owners that we try a raw food diet so I think this will be great for him too. 

So, do I think you can still call yourself a vegan if you feed your pets meat? Of course! As long as I am giving my pets the best life & keeping them healthy then that is all that matters to me.

Jess xo

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