My Favourite Vegan YouTubers

Hey dudes! 

Back not so long ago when I was a vegetarian I would always be scrolling through YouTube trying to find healthy recipes and exercise videos. I think I became a little obsessed with watching 'What I Eat in a Day..' videos. My daily meals were becoming quite boring so it was great to see what other veggies were eating. 

I then thankfully stumbled up Simnett Nutrition. A vegan & qualified nutritionist. (Whenever I hear "but what about protein?" I bring this guys photos up on my phone!) I binge watched his vids in one day. They were really welcoming and not over whelming at all when talking about veganism. His recipes are amazing, so colourful, simple & of course healthy! At this point I knew it was time to transition to Vegan.

I always thought cutting out eggs, milk & cheese would be super difficult but it's great to see so many alternative recipes that really are simple to follow. 

Here are a few of my favourite Vegan YouTubers. From recipes, vlogs, wellbeing, fitness & activism.

I'm always looking for new channels so please share your favourites in the comments below!

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