My Favourite Products to Reduce Plastic Waste

I'm sure by now everyone has watched the recent Blue Planet 2. Ya know the programme that has made us all realise we are killing our beautiful planet and really need to step up and stop being such selfish dweebs? When you really start to think of the waste we produce every day it can be scary - throw away coffee cups, plastic shopping bags, drink bottles... the list is endless. I've seen quite  a few Bloggers now sharing ways to help reduce our carbon footprint and waste so here are my top 9 products. We are all so used to this throw away lifestyle so even the smallest change can make a difference in the long run. Please don't feel guilty just maybe try to do a little better each day!

1. Lush Naked Range - Shower Gels

Lush have always been great with reducing waste.  You can take old plastic pots back to the store to be recyled - If you take 5 (I think!?)  full size pots back you receive a free face mask!

 Lush have recently come out with this amazing range of Naked shower gels that is basically a solid shower gel, no packaging - no wasteful plastic. You simply place the product under the water lathering it up in your hands to create soappy shower gel suds. It's such a simple, genius idea - I love it! 

As you probably already know you can take your own travel mug in to most coffee shops and they will be happy to use this instead of the regular throw away cups. Costa offer 25p back to customers who bring in a resuable cup (so cool!)

3. Canvas Bags

It can be really easy to forget your 5p bag every time you go shopping. I'm sure a lot of us have that one drawer that is just stuffed with plastic bags. Sadly, plastic bags can end up in our oceans killing thousands & thousands of sea creatures. Plastic bags can take from 10 to 1000 years to decompose - isn't that really scary? A simple solution is to purchase a canvas bag - there are so many cute designs on Etsy that will make you actually want to take the bag shopping! They are so easy to roll up in to your handbag or to keep in the car ready for an unexpected shopping trip.

4. Stainless Steel Bottle

My new favourite purchase is my double walled stainless steel bottle. I picked mine up from Aldi for around £3 plus there are many different colours and designs to choose from on Amazon. These bottles are perfect to carry in your bag, when at the gym, work.. anywhere. Plus they keep your water super cold all day long. The average time for a plastic bottle to degrade is 450 years.. 450 YEARS.. 

5. Re-usable Mesh Bags - fruit & veg

The first time I saw this idea was on the Raw Allignment YouTube channel. When shopping for fresh fruit and veg there is always a roll of little plastic bags to hold the produce. These cute little bags can be used over and over meaning no wasteful (useless) tiny plastic bags floating around! 

6. Solid Shampoo/Conditioner

You may have seen my post regarding 'The No Poo Method'  - these shampoo bars are all natural, super cheap and contain no wasteful plastic packaging. Hurray!

7. Metal Drinking Straw

Did you know that MILLIONS of straws are used (& thrown away) around the world everyday? They are said to be in the top 10 items that litter beaches. I'm sure everyone has seen the video of the poor turtle with a straw stuck up his nose - so sad. These metal straws can be used again & again and are actually really cheap (they look pretty cool too!)

8. Lush Naked Range - Body Conditioner, Lip Scrub, Hand Wash

Although the no packaging products aren't exactly a new idea - Lush have many shampoo bars etc the range seems to be expanding. It's not just shower gels that have received the Naked treatment. Body conditioner, lip scrubs & hand wash can be found on the website - is this the future of beauty products? I hope so!

Last but not least is this bamboo toothbrush. It's not just plastic bags that end up in the bellies of poor turtles and other creatures. Plastic toothbrushes can be found littering our oceans too! You can find bamboo toothbrushes all over the web - the bristles are super soft and just as cheap as your ordinary plastic version.

It can be really overwhelming to think of the damage we are causing to our planet, innocent animals and ultimately ourselves - just by changing a few habits we can slowly help make a difference. Good luck!

Jess xo

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