Ab Fab Vegan Winter Wonderland - Cardiff

Hey'all, today was a good day. 

What better way to spend a Sunday than road trippin' it down to Cardiff to visit another amazing Vegan market. The only good use for Facebook is finding out all the foodie events that are going on in the area. I spotted this one on Facebook Friday & then gave Josh the ol' puppy dog eyes, luckily Josh loves food just as much as I do so he was more than happy to drive us down!

Absolutely Fabulous Vegan Fayres 'organises regular cruelty-free fayres across Wales and Southern England. Showcasing the very best vegan businesses.'

I have never been to the Depot in Cardiff before, it's a really cool warehouse type place with lush interior, dark with fairy lights etc. There were a number of different stalls - my favourites Mr Nice Pie & Sicily To Seattle to cosmetics, clothing, ice-cream & pizza.

Our first stop was obviously Sicily To Seattle I have been thinking about the 'Space Needle' burger since we had one in Swansea so that was first on my list! Josh had the American Corndog which he really enjoyed. We had a wonder around nosing at all the different stalls. We picked up 2 of our favourite pies from Mr Nice Pie - the Bountiful Butternut Curry Pie, butternut with red lentils and a coconut curry (which I just enjoyed this evening with chips from the chippy - the best!!) 

We decided to share a pizza from Those Vegan Pizza Guys - LUSH! the BBQ Chick'n is amazing - definitely recommend. The one question I get is if I find it hard cutting out meat & dairy - nope! There are so many delicious alternatives that I don't even think that I am missing out on anything. 

Another thing I love about these events is that there are stalls with leaflets, information, people to answer questions - all spreading the vegan message and working together to help end animal cruelty. It's great to see so many passionate people in one room! One thing that really shocked me is the use of animals at Cardiff University - right on my door step. How is this happening?!

Next on my list is a talk at Swansea University on Tuesday with Earthling Ed. I'm really excited about this as my mamma has agreed to come along, I really think that cutting out dairy & meat will help with her health so fingers crossed! Then Swansea Vegfest Christmas Market on Saturday 9th December. Ya'know when you think going Vegan will help you lose weight & be healthy? NOPE. Bring on the chocolate, pies & pizza hehe.

Jess xo


  1. The pizza looks amazing!! Definitely becoming more interested in transitioning to a vegan diet!

    Abi | abistreetx

    1. Abi it was AAMMMAZINGG!! There's another event in Feb you should check it out :-D

      Thanks for commenting! xxx