Wagamama - Vegan Menu

I definitely think I have started my vegan journey at the right time! There's a lot more choice now in supermarkets and restaurants than ever before. There obviously could be a lot more for us plant loving babies but so far, so good.

Josh and I LOVE Wagamammas, especially when I was a veggie.  So when the new vegan menu hit stores I was super excited to give it a try.

I ended up choosing yasai gyoza (steamed dupplings filled with veggies served with a dipping sauce) as a side and kare burosu ramen (tofu & udon noodles, curried vegetable broth) as my main. I admit I chose based on how delicious the dishes looked in the photographs on the menu and didn't really pay much attention to the ingrediants.

Firstly, I have to say there needs to be a spice warning on the kare burosu ramen.
Oh my lord my nose started to run, I needed extra water, I was a shambles. BUT I love spicy food so actually it made the dish a lot more interesting and tasty. The noodles are super chunky and filling which I loved. The mushrooms were really, really good - my fave part of the dish. The only downside was the tofu..sadly! I like my tofu firm and this was as soft as when it comes out of the packet (sorry but YUK!). I left the tofu to the side and enjoyed the noodley, spicy broth.

Friday we decided to pick up a takeaway from there (best decision ever, pjamas on, Mind Hunter on Netflix). I chose the yasai yaki soba with rice noodles - mushrooms, peppers, beansprouts. This is definitely my favourite of the two. I lurrrrve the rice noodles and this wasn't spicy at all - I added some sweet chilli sauce on top! My go to juice is always 'Positive' fresh juice - pineapple, lime, spinach, cucumber and apple, fruity and full of goodness.

I'm so pleased to see vegan options becoming more 'normal' in restaurants! Very exciting times 💓

Have you tried any of the vegan dishes? Let me know which are your favourites!

Jess xo

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