Swansea Veg Fest Vegan Market Take Over!

What makes Jess a happy gal? MORE FOOOOD!

If you are like me then you are always spotting cool foodie events on Facebook but then always seem to be skint or busy when the time comes. I've missed so many in Cardiff and was determind to make it to this one which happened to be on my birthday! 

Swansea Vegfest is a group of vegan volunteers who hold events celebrating veganism. Swansea is just down the road for me so I definitely wasn't going to pass up the chance to pick up some vegan goodies. I also learned that there is a VEGAN SHOP 'Brontosaurus' in Swansea market - hurray! 

The stalls were located in the centre of the market, it was really busy when we arrived. First thing I spotted was Mr Nice Pie which we have tried before at the Neath Food Market (so good!) we picked up four for £10. We ate all four pies within 3 days. I'm embarrased to say I can't even remember which flavours we chose all together - we just seemed to gobble them down without a second thought (ha-ha!) We enjoyed them with chips and curry from the local chinese, while nursing a birthday hangover. 

Next stop, Sicily to Seattle. Burgers. Vegan burgers. So. so. happy. I chose a meaty patty with 'cheese', avocado, toms, lettuce the whole lot. I also stole a few bites of Joshs which was even better than mine. It's crazy how vegan burgers are just the same or even better than regular burgers - seriously who misses meat anymore? I've just read they have a kitchen in Newport market so hopefully I will pay another visit when I go to see Manson in December.

Last but certainly not least, the Brontosaurus Vegan Lifestyle Store. How am I only now learning about this? It literally has everything you would want from snacks, sweets, tinned food, cleaning products. All cruelty free of course! I would take a snap of what we picked up but.. we kinda ate it all. We both chose chocolate (VEGOOO!) some sour snakes(MY FAVE) and another tin of jackfruit so I can make 'pulled pork' burgers again.

I'm so happy that switching to a vegan diet has not been this crazy, extreme thing that some people see it as. So easy, delicious and cruelty free - win win win! 

Jess xo


  1. All of this food looks delicious, I really need to try more vegan meals! I don't blame you for eating it all so quickly haha, your photos are making me hungry!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

    1. It was so good! That's the only problem I can't seem to keep the food longer than a day haha. thanks for commenting! xxx