The Vegan Kind Subscription Box - October

Welcome to this months The Vegan Kind subscription box! 

So this months box isn't one of my favourites but it was still pretty good. My favourites were the MyProtein cookie which I was suprised to see as I didn't realise they did vegan cookies - it's so good kinda like a brownie and a lot nicer than their normal cookies so yay! I also strangely enjoyed the lemon & lime sherbert POPCORN, an unexpected flavour but actually quite nice and not too sweet like I was expecting.

Josh very kindly ordered me another box of goodies as a suprise from the website. They have a 'supermarket' option where you can pick and choose what you'd like. We ate almost everything in 3 days. It was beautiful.

As you can see I had a nice range of products from haircare, sweets, chocolate.. I can't complain about anything in the box! I loooove the crisps but don't be fooled by those giant bags - they were gone in seconds. Lenny & Larrys cookies are perfect for a protein boost post gym with lots of flavours to choose from. I was really pleased with the Human + Kind conditioner as my ends have been a little dry lately, a tiny blob of this and my ends are lovely soft, leaving a light orangey scent.

 !VEGAN HOT CHOCOLATE! I have been really craving it lately (a tip - when they say TWO squares they mean two, not four!). They also have vegan whipped cream but sadly that was sold out.

Another favourite is the tinned jackfruit. This is great for vegans as it is sort of a 'meaty' texture perfect for pulled 'pork' or maybe in a curry. I cooked this in a pan with bbq sauce, tearing up the fruit to make the pulled pork texture. Popped it in a bun with some lettuce & there ya go! It was really tasty. At first I was put off after seeing it squashed in to a tin but I will definitely be buying this again.

Josh also bought some makeup brushes from Barry M (perfect handbag size and super soft) - they have a lot of Barry M products to choose from on their website which is pretty cool.  

This website is so handy for newbie vegans, anything you can think of is on there - I am now patiently waiting for pay day so I can place another order!

Jess xo

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