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With Auntumn/Winter fast approaching I thought I'd share my favourite fragrances and those that I would like to try. I love this time of year, I get to switch to my favorite 'darker' scents, reminding me of the best times of the year - Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas. Cold, dark evenings - your favourite winter coat, fireworks, spooky walks, halloween parties - my birthday! I love how different smells can transport us to certain times or events, like little memories in a bottle.

Clive Christian
I just recently stumbled upon this brand - the first thing that draws you in is the packaging. The bottles themselves are beautiful and would add a touch of luxury to any dressing table! After sampling two scents 'Green Floral' and 'Woody Leather' it was clear that these are very unique, like nothing I have used before. This brand is described as transforming the expected in to the extraordinary which is clear when sampling these scents. I am in love with the bottles of these fruity perfumes. Floral blends with cocoa and fruity plum sound like the perfect transition from Summer to Autumn. 

 Marc Jacobs Decadence / Decadence Eau So Decadent
This has to be my all time favourite perfume. My mother bought it for me last Christmas after I raved about a free sample I'd received. With plum, rose and amber this scent is a lovely, dark sort of witchy smell - I really hope people understand what I mean when I say that! It's the best way to describe it for me especially with the dark green packaging it's the first thing that comes to mind - perfect for a night out. They have recently released a new addition to the Decadence range, Decadence Eau So Decadent which is a more fruity/floral scent, I can't wait to try it!

 Kat Von D - Sinner
Sinner is described as a dark, sultry, empowering scent with jasmine, orange blossom and hints of vanilla this scent sounds perfect for this time of the year. Again, the packaging is very pretty - I love the black, engraved bottle. 'Saint' which can be found in a white version is the softer, dreamier sister of 'Sinner'.

Ghost - Deep Night
Deep Night firstly has the most perfect bottle for this time of year, a lovely dark purple crescent moon. It is described as a fresh scent with a spicy and woody composition - inspired by the wildnerness - defintely on my list of scents to try when I next pop in to Boots.

Lush - Karma
Karma is another one of my favourite scents, one spray and it lasts for hours. I remember my friend getting in to my car wearing Karma and it hit you straight away - I love it. Whenever I wear this fragrance I always get compliments - with sweet orange oil, patchouli, lemon grass & pine oil it creates a beautiful earthy, deep scent. I have also tried the karma bubble bar which is lovely, creating dark purple bubbles with the same beautiful karma fragrance. 

Do you have any scents that transport you to a place or time? Let me know in the comments below!

Jess xo

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