Corvo Lounge - Bridgend


So, Josh is literally the master of finding cool places to eat - always thinking of the little vegetarian. 
No offence intended but I did not expect to find anything like this so close to my home town, I was very excited! 

As you may know it can be difficult finding a nice vegetarian option at a restaurant so the fact there is a whole menu dedicated to veggies/vegans is a massive plus. (There is also a gluten free menu available)

After much debate I chose the Mexican Superbowl. This consists of spiced black beans, avocado rice, kale, sweet potato, butternut squash, mango, tomato & chilli salsa with sweet potato fries on the side. Super healthy & as delicious as it sounds. I absolutely loved the black beans, rice and the mango was an unusual but tasty addition. SO. GOOD. 

This sort of meal is perfect for me as you do not leave feeling like a bloated balloon, it is filling but full of goodness. My next choice would be the falafal and hummus wrap - right up my street!

Another thing that stood out about this place is the amazing decor, unlike anything I've seen around here - mostly in places like Cardiff, Bristol etc. I love the unusual paintings that filled the walls, giving it a real quirky feel. The service here is super quick and friendly, no complaints whatsoever.

There are many Corvo lounges dotted around the place from Brighton to Bristol and everything in between so please let me know if you have tried it! Our next trip is going to be to Moksh in Cardiff, a super unusual Indian restaurant which I am really excited about.

What are your favourite veggie friendly places? Let me know in the comments below!

Jess xo

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