PACK'D - Smoothies on the go...!

Howdy, howdy. Happy Monday. I finally decided to start the transition from Vegetarian to Vegan, which I am finding kinda hard if I'm honest. I know a lot of people just make the jump straight away but for me it is going to be a slow process. I've been watching a lot of YouTube videos, I'll make a seperate blog post of my favourite channels soon, there are so many with great information. One thing I have noticed is how many vegan friendly products are finding their way on to the shelves of Tescos and Morrisons lately, which is great. I was super excited to find Vegan mayo at my local small town Tesco! My favourite at the moment is the jalapeno and chilli vegan cheese.. with beans.. jacket potato... so good! 

My breakfasts for the passed few months have mainly been weetabix with almond milk, fruit etc but as I have decided to go to the gym before work each morning I wanted something quick and easy that I could take a long with me.  Whilst snooping the aisles in Tesco I came across these handy smoothie packs. They contain two packs of frozen fruit and two sachest of 'Superfood Mix'. Ingrediants include strawberries, banana, blueberries, raspberries, blackcurrents and spinach leaves plus the superfood mix of flaxseed, maca, cacoa, and guarana powder.

I use my BlendActive (SO handy!), I measure out 200ml of KoKo, you can use almond/soya milk or even just water but for me I like the coconutty taste that KoKo adds to the smoothie. I then add the frozen fruit and superfood mix, blend together until I get my desired consistancy and ta-da, that's it! The great thing about the BlendActive is you just pop the lid on and are good to go, there is handly any mess.

So there it is, a super quick and easy on the go breakfast/snack. The Energy pack helps reduce tiredness and fatigue which is definately needed on a Monday morning. Benefits include Vitamin C, K, the mix is high in fibre and naturally contains caffeeine. There are two other packs to choose from 'Detox' and 'Defence' which I'm sure I will try soon.

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried the PACK'D range and if you have any Vegan recommendations..! 

Jess xo

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