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Howdy folks!

 I really wanted to share these resistance bands with everyone - they are SO good and super inexpensive. I have been looking for some good 'uns for ages now, when watching one of Whiteny Simmons YouTube vids (LOOOVE HER!) she did a little workout with these bands from Amazon for just £12.99! 

I've picked up resistance bands before from B&M or Aldi which are ok but the resistance is usually quite light with cheap bands - this set is perfect if you want to increase or decrease the resistance.

The bands come in the following strengths:

 Yellow (6-8 lbs), Green (8-12 lbs), Red (12-14 lbs), Blue (15-18 lbs), Black (19-22 lbs)

Perfect for various fitness levels and those looking to improve. 

1. Door Anchor  2. Ankle Strap (x2)  3. Foam Handles (x2)

Another thing that attracted me to this set is the selection of accessories that come with the bands. I love that you can adjust the bands to suit your workouts - whether it is upper body, arms, legs etc. 

 My favourite of the bunch is the door anchor. It's great for exercises such as 'cable pull throughs'. The anchor is sturdy enough to withstand my weight - I thought I would end up pulling it apart or pulling the door open and falling flat on my face but it works perfectly!

I decided to purchase this set for those days when I am feeling a little lazy and can't face the gym. They are great for home workouts! I think that this set is also perfect for newbies who are feeling a little nervous of stepping in to a gym for the first time and would prefer to workout at home.

The pack also comes with a starter leaflet which gives you an idea of what exercises you can perform using the bands and a handy little bag making storage easy.

There is such a wide selection of exercises you can perform with these simple bands! There are also a lot of great videos on YouTube if you need that little extra help when putting a routine together. 

My at home leg routine : 

🔥Warm up using a loop resistance band

(3 x 15)
 Glute Bridges
 Crab Walks
 Weight Squats 

Next, using this weight set from Argos 

Barbell Squats (3 x 15)
Deadlifts (3 x 15)
Dumbbell Lunges (3 x 15 each leg)

Now, using the resistance set

Cable Pull Throughs (3 x 15)
Cable Kick Backs (3 x 15 each leg)
Squats (3 x 15)

I think finish with a small ab workout

Sit ups (3 x 15)
Rusian Twist using dumbbell (3 x 15)
Leg raises (3 x 15

Repeat 3 times then finish with a plank - hold for as long as you can!

Please let know your favourite at home workouts - share in the comments below

Jess xo

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