Turmeric - What's the Hype?

I have heard a lot of great things around turmeric, cooking with turmeric etc. The health benefits seemed amazing and the more I researched the more I wanted to try it. I recently spotted these turmeric tablets and was lucky enough to be sent some to try.

The website boasts the following benefits: 

  • Promotes healthy skin – Natural anti-oxidants help eliminate cell damaging free radicals, and the anti-inflammatory properties of the elixir help sooth external skin conditions such as eczema. 

  • Aids Body Vitality - the Anti-inflammatory properties help reduce muscle aches and pains, great for post workout recovery, or after the long working week.

  • Natural Weight Loss Aid - controls the amount of sugar entering your blood stream and metabolises sugar in the body, preventing the storage of fat.

  • Helps with mood -  stimulates production of dopamine and serotonin, enhancing mood, focus, recall and working memory.

Obviously these benefits would appeal to anyone! Even though I am slowly coming up to the grand old age of 30(!) my skin still gets quite bad. No matter what skin care I try I always seem to get spots. This was a big benefit for me when reading up on turmeric.

I have been taking 2 tablets twice a day with my food for around three weeks now. They are all natural and vegetarian friendly. When you first open the bottle the scent of cinnamon really hits you, it's not a bad smell it is just strong. The taste however is fine, and the tablets are super easy to swallow.

At first my skin seemed to get worse which was a bummer but it slowly got better, the spots around my chin area have started to disappear which I am really happy about. I have also been drinking a lot of water which I think has been helping my skin a lot. I have read that using turmeric as a face mask can help reduce acne and scars - You can create your own face mask  by mixing turmeric powder, sandalwood powder and lemon juice.

As someone who uses the gym I am used to get sore muscles the next day, these little tablets actually help reduce these aches and pains (um..amazing!) this teamed with my BCAA's seem to be doing the job at the moment, I have found myself less achy or not at all most days!

There are many other ways to bring turmeric in to your diet, I know a lot of people who cook with it (curries etc), there is turmeric tea, or you can even create your own paste. My prefered method is the turmeric tablets as I find this is the easiest way, no fuss. 

By simply googling this little ingrediant you can see that the benefits are great. It can help with the pains of osteoarthritis, it helps detoxify the liver, it helps with hair loss and dry scalps - the list is endless!

There are also many benefits with ginger root & cinnamon. Ginger root helps reduce inflamation and cinnamon contains anti-flammatory properties and also helps with weight loss.

 Turmeric, ginger and cinnamon are all anti-oxidents and when mixed together the benefits are futher enhanced.

I have made it through half of this tub of tablets so will definitely continue to take them daily.

Have you tried turmeric and seen the benefits? Please let me know in the comments below!

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Jess xo

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