Nail Growth - Help!

Hi guys, since doing my little post on hair growth I thought I would share my tips on nail growth.

 As a huge lover of acrylic nails in the past my natural nails have really taken a beating. Snapping an acrylic nail half way down your natural nail is the worst! When I finally had the acrylics removed for good my natural nails were very brittle and broke easily. 

At first, I didn't really think a lot about treatments for my nails until I started taking Biotin for my hair - I really noticed the difference with my nails! I purchase my biotin tablets from Amazon at the highest strenghth. Over a few months they were slowly but surely growing but as expected were snapping quite easily. I had found an old avon nail strenghthener in the cupboard which I applied once a week. This definatley made a difference to my nails, they became a lot less brittle and looked a lot better too, I decided to ditch nail varnish colours all together and just rocked a natural shiny nail!

I recently had the opportunity to try some products from Leighton Denny. The Sold Rock nail stregthening treatment (£11) really caught my eye. This treatment is for all nail types so even if you have 'healthy' nails this is still great as an undercoat to protect the nail - prevention is better than cure!

The first thing I noticed is how lovely the packaging is - the bottle is a matt texture and the product itself is a pretty pink, which would look great on any makeup table.

You only need to apply one coat which can be built up every day. The product itself seems to soak in to the nail, leaving them looking matt instead of shiny like the product I had used before. It helps protect and promote nail growth.

I feel a strenghtener is really important especially if like me you work at a computer typing away all day. Another tip that I find works really well is keeping your nails filed. I like to make sure they are all neat and square! This gives less chance of snapping and looks a lot nicer.

Lastly, I like to use a hand moisturiser to give my hands a treat - massaging in to the nail bed. My favourite is a mashmallow scented moisturiser that I picked up from Tesco, super cheap.

What are your top tips for nail growth? Let me know in the comments below!

Jess xo

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