Not Another Lush Post...!


Since moving out of my mothers house and in to a flat of our own that.. -dramatic pause- .. HAS A BATH I have been obsessing over Lush once again. 

On our trip to Brighton this weekend we popped in to Lush to pick up some bits. I like to buy the gift boxes as usually they work out a little cheaper plus it's like a little gift for yourself, to me love from me x 

We picked up 'Happy Hippy' shower gel (£4.50) for Josh, my all time favourite 'Mask of Magnaminty' (£6.50) & I decided on the 'Great Balls of Bicarb' (£24.95) as this is purely bath bombs which are my favourite items right now. 

The tube consists of 5 bath bombs (all vegan friendly):

💕 Frozen (£4.25)
I used this bomb last night and the smell is AMAZING! It fizzes up and turns the water a beautiful, vibrant mermaid blue with snowy white foam mixed in. Ingrediants include grapfruit oil & rose oil - So simple yet a favourite of the bunch!

💕 Intergalactic (£4.25)
I have used this before so Josh used it last night. I love the colours in this one, swirling blues, yellow & pink. The water is left a  dark blue which reflects perfectly on the name of this bomb. It's super fizzy & poppy. Ingrediants include grapefruit and peppermint oil.

💕 The Experimenter (£4.25)
Another beautiful mix of colours, fizzing and popping with a touch of glitter! I love watching the 5 swirling colours mixed with a smell of vanilla. It leaves a lovely, subtle scent on your skin. 

💕 Twilight (£3.95)
I have yet to try this but the smell is so lovely and soothing, lavender & ylang ylang oil - perfect for a relaxing bath before bed - definately looking forward to this one!

💕 Dragons Egg (£3.95)
Another favourite that I have purchased in the past. This is a slow fizzer with a very citrusy scent -perfect for a pick me up during the day. Once it has fizzed to the centre it turns the water a lovely orangey/gold.

The only downside of this product is the total cost for the bombs if you were to buy them seperately is £20.65, that's almost a £5 saving! Naughty Lush! But it would make a lovely gift for someone and I guess the tube is handy for storing future bombs that I will be purchasing.

What are your favourite Lush products? 
Please let me know in the comments below before my next shopping trip!

Jess xo


  1. All of those lush bombs sound so 'lush'!! I can't wait to buy a few over summer to use whilst I'm home from university and I will definitely be picking up some of these especially Frozen! Thanks for sharing your recent purchases at Lush girl!

    Tab 🌻

    1. Yes i hope you love the frozen bomb! im gonna pick it up again next time im in lush :)

      Thanks for the comment lovely !xxx

  2. Dragons Egg is one of my all time favourite products from Lush. I haven't treated myself to anything in ages - I really need to have a look at their newer releases. x

    Jordan Alice

    1. Lovely isnt it! I'm starting to get addicted my bank balance cant cope ha ha! xxx