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 I wanted to do another semi-serious post. I have previously touched upon weight loss on my blog but I'd like to speak about how exercise & the gym has not only helped my fitness but my mental health too.

Fitness/the gym/working out has been a hobby of mine for around 4 years now. It started as a way to lose weight & look good but that slowly turned sour. When you become consumed with numbers and weightloss going to the gym becomes more of a chore than anything, a headache. 

Fast forward to the present day and I have fallen back in love with working out, taking time to myself. Focusing more on the mental side of things not just the physical.

I work in an office, a basic 9-5 job. I'm sat in a chair staring at a screen for 90% of the time. At the end of the day I feel I need to get active, move around, have time to myself away from customers. Give my brain a much needed rest!

 I have found that if I take a week off the gym my mood can get seriously effected. I feel down, super grumpy, especially at winter times. It can feel like work is taking over your life. I can't really explain why working out has such a positive effect on me mentally, I guess it's different for everyone - we all have our own hobbies and interests. I think it's the fact that it's me time, I get to play my favourite music (shouty, loud, heavy music :p) and just spend an hour to myself, focusing on my goals - blocking everything else out.

Another favourite of mine is the fitness classes that I started going to around a year a go. Being in a group and meeting with my friends after work is a brilliant way to stay motivated. It gives you a chance to socialise after being sat at a desk all day and it is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. 

If I have a week where I feel like I don't really want to be lifting weights or socialising at a class then I enjoy going for long walks - in the forest, at the beach. I love being outdoors, limited social media, playing with my dogs. It's a great way to forget about problems at work. Throw on some comfies (these Nike joggers are pefect!) &  just take in the fresh air, focus on yourself, take in the beautiful scenery. 

You'll find that once you focus on yourself and start to enjoy the gym & working out then your physical goals will soon follow behind!

What are your favourite hobbies? Let me know in the comments!

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