My March Favorites

Welcome to my March favourites - which are all beauty related surprise, surprise!

L'Oreal Paris Infallible Matt Foundation - £7.99

A while ago my trusty Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation ran out so I decided to try something new. I had heard great things about this new foundation on the blogging grape vine and as it is a lot cheaper it is good as an every day foundation. I chose the shade porcelain which seems to match my pale skin quite well. The coverage is no where near as good as ELDW of course but I find I can build the foundation to whatever coverage I need. My skin has been quite sad recently, so I do find I need to add extra product to my chin area. I have been using this every day and have no complaints so far - I use a setting powder over the top and feel it lasts quite well throughout my day at work.

Pantene Expert Collection Keratin Repair, 2 minutes Restorative Mask -£3.49
Pantene Pro V Expert Keratin Repair Split End Fuser Treatment  - £3.49

I honestly cannot rave about these two products enough. Whilst snooping around the web late at night, looking for miracle products for my split ends I stumbled across this range. It had amazing reviews so I decided to order them from Boots - they were half price I picked up both for around £7. 

Firstly the hair mask. This has been created to help repair the hair fighting split ends, damage and frizz. I shampoo my hair as normal with my Lee Stafford shampoo I then apply this mask for around 2 minutes, rinse & condition. Next I apply a small amount of the Split End Fuser to wet hair and again to dry hair once I have styled it. These are probably the best products I have used for a while - my hair feels like silk! My split ends are clearly still there but it  has honestly never felt this silky smooth before! I definately need to try the shampoo & conditioner in this range.

Bourjois CC Cream - £9.99

One thing that causes quite the debate is wearing makeup to the gym. Some people do, some don't - who cares, each to their own. Usually I go to the gym super early before work or I attend classes after work. Both times I do not have the time or patience to apply my foundation, powder etc so I decided to try this CC cream which is more or less a light weight easy to apply foundation. I apply a small amount using my fingers - it helps cover any redness in my skin and dark circles - I feel it gives my skin a 'pick me up' helping my look less tired and a little more human after a long day at work! This is my second tube and will continue to be my go to before the gym.

Lush 'Dirty' Toothy Tabs - £4.95

Did you know that Lush also does toothpaste? These solid tabs are an alternative to regular toothpaste. You can brush with them or simply nibble on them whilst out and about. What I love most about these tabs is that they contain sodium bicarb which when brushing really foams up and gets in between the teeth. My teeth feel squeeky clean after using these! I have also used the 'Sparkle' tabs in the past which I feel really helped whiten my teeth - loved them! Nosing on the Lush website they also do a tooth powder so will give that I try next time I go to the store.

Do you have any rave products you'd like to share? Leave a comment below!

Thanks for reading - Jess xo


  1. I really like the sound of the Toothy Tabs by Lush, I'll have to give them ago! You've picked some great products!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush♡

    1. Thank you for commenting lovely! let me know if you try them out :) xXx

  2. Ooo intrigued by the toothy tabs! Awesome selection, and i love the photos, the unicorn holder is so cute!
    Hels x

    1. Thank you for commenting lady! I think it was from B&M :) xxxxx

  3. I've always been so skeptical about the tooth tabs, I think the texture would freak me out hah! x

    Abi | abistreetx

    1. It did freak me out at first ha ha buuuuut they make my teeth squeeky clean! xxx

    2. It did freak me out at first ha ha buuuuut they make my teeth squeeky clean! xxx