Hair Growth - Help!


So, being a girl is kinda hard - when it comes to my hair I am never happy. Around two years ago my hair was in a sorry state from over bleaching, hair extensions, product build up etc. I decided to ditch the dye and give my hair a much needed rest. For around a year I didn't touch any dye, I used every hair mask and oil under the sun. I took biotin and omega 3 every day and slowly but surely my hair started to grow. Obviously I then became super bored with the colour, bleached it half to death.. went pink, purple, blue, back to blonde then finally ended with brown. 

As you can probably guess my hair went back to its sorry condition. I've been pretty good not dying it since before Christmas but this month it was really getting me down - I decided to go to a professional and have a little colour added. I know my hair is in a bad way right now but it's not as bad as it once was but the hair dresser did not hold back letting me know how bad it was and that I need loads cut off (sob, sob - not happening!!)

So here I am again - I've picked up my favourite hair products and I am on a mission to grow these locks!

Firstly, a huge favourite of mine is the Lee Stafford Hair Growth range - these are really inexpensive products that actually work. They are always on offer in Boots, 3 for 2. The range is protein based which encourages growth from within, it helps nourish and cleanse and also improves volume and texture - love love love! 

Lee’s Hot Tip: For maximum growth, always shampoo the hair twice. The first removes any product build up and the second leaves the hair follicles super stimulated to encourage healthy growth!

Next up, another great product Mane and Tail. Yes, horse shampoo! I'd read so many rave reviews on these, I had to give them a go. You can pick them up from Amazon for around £11.99 for the two. The first time I used the shampoo and conditioner I couldn't believe the difference in my hair. The product works deep in to the hair really giving it that extra moisture that it needs. My hair felt super silky afterwards and was really easy to manage.

Another important thing when looking after your hair is to stay away from hot styling tools (this is impossible for me as my hair is wild - I like to wash and style it just once a week now!) Before using anything hot on your hair - straighteners, curlers etc spray a little heat protector through the ends. I have been using this Lee Stafford Ubuntu Oils one which smells amazing -  They say prevention is better than cure so please remember this important step before styling!

My last favourite hair product at the moment is the OGX Renewing Argon Oil of Morocco which you can pick up from Asda, Tesco, Boots for around £4/£5. You can use this on damp hair before you style or I like to take a small amount and apply it straight to dry hair daily. It makes a huge difference to how my spilt ends look and is great at keeping fly aways under control. I have used expensive Argon oils in the past and personally I think this works just as well.

I have also started to take Biotin tablets again as I do feel these made a big difference to my hair in the past. I purchased mine from eBay (a lot cheaper than H&B) at the maximum strength. Always remember to drink lots of water when taking these as they can cause you to breakout! 

What are your favourite hair growth products? Let me know in the comments!

Jess xo


  1. Ugh girl I feel you on condition of your hair. Mine is so dry and has so many split ends from bleaching. I stayed away from bleaching too for over a year, but same as you, I got bored and decided to add some highlights and it went straight back to its old dryness... I don't have any hair growth remedy's, but I'm curious about the Sugar Bears Hair that I see popping all over the internet. Would it really work? Maybe I will try it soon. Btw, I caaaaaaan't stand the smell of the Lee Stafford products hihi. :P

    Love, Layla Rosita | 

    1. It's so annoying isnt it! I've been keen to try those Sugar Bears too - let me know what you think if you do :-)

      Thanks for commenting lovely xXx

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