Shadow Switch by Beauty Essentials

Ummmm cool gadget-thingy alerttttt!!!! 

So you have probably already seen the Shadow Switch doing its rounds of the blogging universe but I just had to share it too because it's so cool! 

I must admit when I am doing my makeup I literally only have 2-3 eyeshadow brushes that I use... I usually just rub the brush over the back of my hand to remove the colour before I use my next shade. This is where the Shadow Switch comes in to play.

You simply press & rotate your brush in to the black spongy material, swirling it around to remove any product before you move on to the next colour.

It is so simple that it is genius! 

I truly think it makes a huge difference to how my eye-makeup looks, especially when I am doing a smokey eye for a night out, using blacks, browns & grays. 

Another great thing about the product is the packaging, it's the perfect size for my makeup bag and doesn't take up too much room. 

You will need to take care of the sponge material by rinsing it every now and then but this is no problem, you can add it to your brush cleaning routine :) This paired with my Primark brush cleaning pad-thingy-ma-bob are my new favourite things!

You can purchase this through Amazon at just £5.99 but will also be available to purchase in Sephora and online when their UK website launches.

Beauty Essentials have recently changed the packaging to make it easier to add more lines to the collection - I can't wait to see what else they release!

Have you tried any new and exciting products recently? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. This sounds so handy, and the packaging is super cute! Xx