Where to Eat - Meat & Shake

Another post from our trip to Watford! 

After an exhausting trip around the shops we headed in to the town to find somewhere to eat. We were thinking a small sandwich or something but when we spotted this burger place that kinda went out the window.

Now, this place is not great for vegetarians - it's pretty much burgers and chicken wings etc buuuuuuuut the gentleman working there kindly pointed out the sweet potato roastie vegetarian alternative to me, which as you can see above looked - and tasted - amazing! 

Josh chose this option too and he went for BBQ chicken wings on the side which he enjoyed.

The decor and music they had playing was super cool aswell - the photos above pretty much speak for themselves. Definately worth a visit if you are in the area!


Jess xo

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  1. Nice place, the food looks delicious :*

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