Primark - Makeup Brush Cleaning Pad

Hey, this is cool!

 Snooping in the Primark beauty section I spotted this handy gadget. It's a little pad with bobbly bits(?) that help clean your makeup brushes.

Since receiving these amazing Spectrum brushes I have been determined to look after them, so every Sunday I swish them around in the sink with hot water, squishing and squeezing them in a bid to remove all the old makeup.

 Enter this little thing - there is a sort of suction cup at the back which you place in the plug hole. You can then run the water and use the pad to clean your brushes by ... rubbing them over the pad ( I hope this makes sense, I can't describe it but hopefully you know what I mean!)

It is difficult to keep the pad in place this way so I just hold the back, squeeze a little shower gel on to the pad and rub the brushes around the nobbly bits while the hot tap is running. I find that the tea tree shower gel from Aldi works the best!

This product is only ONE POUND but it makes such a difference when cleaning my brushes. You can see the foundation and old makeup running down the plug hole. My eye-shadow brushes genuinely look like new! Also, the design is really cute - bright pink with tiny hearts.

My super old stippling brush that I thought had seen the end of its days - I scrubbed this brush arond the bobbly bits and ta-da! It is like NEW! So exciting. I wish I had taken a before & after actually, I was that impressed.

If you have been struggling to get your makeup brushes squeaky clean then I definately recommend this product.

Let me know what you think ladies! 

Jess xo


  1. Wow, I definitely need this is my life. I use my hand at the moment and I've been dying to grab one of these cleaning pads however, I find them quite pricey but as this is a pound it's definitely a must have! Great post!

    Tabitha x

    1. yesss 100%! so glad i found - let me know if you try it lovely xXx

  2. Ahhhh, I'm gonna buy this at the weekend. Been looking for something like this that doesn't break the bank. Great post! x

  3. Wow, will definitely pick this up next time I'm at Primark! This feels like a must-have haha. Great post! Xx

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