L'Or des Pharaons - Face & Body Mist

I love getting to try new products through blogging - I had the opportunity to try this L'Or des Pharaons - Face & Body Anti-aging mist - I jumped at the chance having just turned 29 (prevention is better than cure, right?)

Face & Body Mist – Purified and revitalised water containing monatomic, diatomic and nanoclusters of pure platinum and pure zinc. No allergens, no chemicals.
Ever since the beginnings of time, gold has been considered a gift from the gods to stay young, healthy and beautiful. In Ancient Egypt, the Gold of the Pharaohs was used for face masks to preserve the skin, while monatomic gold was used to rejuvenate and extend human lifespan. This is the true value of gold.
L’Or des Pharaons (Gold of the Pharaohs) is a facial and body mist, researched and developed from ancient manuscripts, combined with today’s technology on the use and extraction of Nano gold, platinum and zinc. The particles are small enough to pass through cell membranes for optimum absorption and efficacy.
Applied on skin before make-up and creams, L’Or des Pharaons’ pure ingredients are absorbed deep into the skin layers. Thus the revitalisation is deep and lasting. L’Or des Pharaons combats the visible signs of aging at cellular level and helps rejuvenate your skin – defying the effects of time.

I have never used anything like this before and after reading up online I felt excited to give it a go - it sounds so glamorous!

I give my face a few spritz' of this product before I apply my makeup. I feel like it refreshes my skin and gives it a little treat before I layer on my foundation. The product absorbs quickly in to the skin. 

 I have only been using this product for a few weeks so I haven't seen any major changes in my skin but it has become a staple in my makeup bag. Let me explain why...

Now, a little off track for a moment but bare with me....!

As I have explained before I am the biggest newbie ever to make up, I just sort of plod along picking up tips online and just hoping for the best. Contouring has become a huge part of my makeup routine, I am SUPER pale so anything that adds a bit of colour and depth to my face is welcome.

I usually use the NYX contour stick which has the highlight on one end and bronze contour on the other - it's my absolute favourite contour product, it is so simple to use but sadly it ran out a few weeks ago. When snooping the shelves in Superdrug I spotted this Barry M duo (£7.99) which looked perfect for me, a quick and easy contour/highlight product. 

The sticks themselves consist of a creamy highlight and dark contour - darker than what I used with NYX. I applied the product as shown in the photo below and attempted to blend with my beauty blender - for some reason it just didn't seem to blend aswell as the NYX product - it sort of looked dirty on my skin! The strange thing is they are described as 'super blend-able' so maybe it's just me who has this problem.

So here is my little tip, I recently picked up this Primark blending brush which I LOVE!  I spray a little of the L'Or des Pharaons - Face & Body Mist on to the brush then blend the contour as normal. Now this works like a dream! I am so impressed by it - no more 'dirty' looking lines - it blends it perfectly in to my foundation. 

Have you tried this product? Let me know your 'unusual' make up tricks!

Jess xo


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    1. you def should they are super cheap in primark too! xXx

  2. ooo that Primark brush looks amazing for the price! Gorgeous photos as always Jessica

  3. I brought the blending brush a few months ago and i loved it! Love this post



  4. That sounds amazing for a smooth application! xx