So, while snooping on Twitter I came across this post from Life of Sapphire and Peaches and Bear who have both taken part in a 'spending ban'. As I may have mentioned before I am almost 30, currently living in my mothers house (attic) with my boyfriend (I have moved out so many times before but always end up back there!) so we are currently trying to save to move out for the final time. Now, I genuinely have no idea where my money goes, 2 weeks after pay day my bank account is a sorry sight to see so this spending ban seems like the perfect challenge for me!

Here are the rules pinched from Peaches and Bear :

The Rules:
I must start this today 17 August 2016 & it will end on 17th October 2016
I am only allowed to buy an item when and only when I have finished a product in that category, eg. I can only buy a bottle of shampoo once I have finished all shampoos in my cupboard.
I can spend money on food and drink, Oyster card top-ups and monthly bills.

So I am going to keep this post in my drafts and will update as I go along. Fingers crossed I can save some pennies! 

Total for bills each month £585 (incl. rent, phone bill, car, charges etc..) Also, me and Josh are putting £200 each in to a pot so we can do fun things together each week - The rest hopefully I will save!

For the first week or two I kept a record here of what I was spending on food etc which turns out to be quite a lot and rather frequently - nobody wants to read a list of boring food that I buy so I've decided to scrap that idea, but it has made me more aware of how much I spend on food! 

Ideas to help with Saving

1. Firstly, Josh and I worked out how much we could afford to spend each month on petrol and spending time together doing fun things. We both put £200 in to a jar and can only take money from there for nights out together plus petrol for the week. The first weekend we did this we were super excited to be paid so spent a big chunk (it was also bank holiday) but at least now we know we need to budget more for the rest of the month.

2. Another idea is to write on scraps of paper fun, inexpensive things to do. Fold them up and put them in a "hat". Then each week whatever you choose you have to do. 

3. My third tip is to create a spreadsheet of all your outgoings and then see which ones you really dont need eg. spotify account, netflix, sky. I decided to cancel my sky subsription saving myself £50 a month (crazy) and I also contacted Vodafone who suprisingly lowered my phone bill from £45 to £35 a month.

4. Personally I think it helps to set yourself a goal that you can work towards - Our goal is to save £250 each a month with hopes to move out in February. 

Do you guys have any saving tips? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Great idea! How are you doing so far? I am restricting my spendings too as I want to go somewhere exotic next year.

    1. Im doing suprisingly good so far! think it helps having a goal - where are you planning on going? XX

  2. Oh golly I really need to do this! Thanks for the motivation ha xx

    1. hehe good luck lovely! thanks for commenting xx

  3. This is such a good idea, good luck!! I should probably take a leaf out of your book now christmas is coming up. I'm rubbish at saving xx

    1. thanks lovely! oh im so rubbish at it but i need to focus focus focus hehe xx