£1 Beauty Buys

This post ties perfectly in with my Spending Ban post that I am currently working on. I recently popped in to Poundland, as we all know they have their own make up range now where everything is .. £1(!) But is it worth it? I picked up two eyeshadows, a matt bronzer, a nude lipstick, a lovely lilac nailvarnish and a black/silver glitter eyeliner.
'Deep Plum' & 'Dusky Rose'
'Perfectly Nude' & 'Silver Glitz'

Above are the swatches of 'Silver Glitz', 'Dusky Rose', 'Deep Plum' & 'Perfectly Nude'. I'm really shocked at how much I love this glittery eyeliner, I am partial to a bit of glitter on nights out - I love the Collection Gel Liners in the  blue glitter. This black/silver will go perfectly with a smokey eye and thick eyelashes.

 Next is 'Dusky Rose' which is a shimmery pink, this photo doesn't really do it justice but it is a really pretty colour & will work great for a light day look or just to high light the brow area/inner corners of your eye. 

'Deep Plum' is my favourite of the two, the name perfectly describes it. Look at it! It's beautiful and again will work great as a smokey eye look. For £1 this product is super pigmented and there is great colour pay off. Love it!

The matt bronzer in 'medium matt' is not too bad, the colour is quite light but this will be OK for a day time light contour - when you're just looking to add a bit of colour, nothing dramatic.

The lipstick however, is the worst of the lot. It's OK for a day time/work look but for me it's just not worth it. It's a creamy, super light shade that doesn't really show up on my lips, To look at, the lipstick is the perfect nude but sadly, the colour just doesn't pay off on the lips!

I am also disappointed in the nail varnishes, the colour is beautiful to look at but the consistency is a little watery(?) and you will need at least three - four coats to show the colour. But I guess at £1 you can't really complain. A plus - it dries super quick. 

Over all these products are quite hit and miss (which is to be expected) but it is fun picking things up to try when the price is so cheap! The eye shadows are by far the best of the bunch. 

Have you tried the Poundland make-up range? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


  1. i have never tried poundland makeup range but the stuff is quite inexpensive and most of it got a good review from you so i might give it a go! :) great post.

    1. :) thanks for commenting def recommend the eyeshadows xx

  2. Such a shame about some of them! I never really trust really cheap makeup, especially lipstick! They're just not as good are they! I do love the deep plum shadow though too xx

    Tamz | http://www.throughneweyesx.com

    1. I knowwww, it's definately worth spending that little extra! Thanks for commenting lovely lady xo

  3. Such a shame about some of the items, but I'm had to know you liked the eyeliner as I got my plain black eyeliner from there and it's the blackest black eyeliner I've used in a while (if that makes sense) haha thanks for sharing!


  4. It's always hit and miss with cheaper makeup! But great post !