I have been nominated by Emily from Love Emily to take part in this new challenge to give 7 facts about myself - Thank you for nominating me lovely lady, this is going to be hard but I will rack my brains!

1. I've only been a vegetarian for around 4 months - it's the best decision I have made! I feel better physically & mentally for it.

2. I'm obsessed with all things fitness. I go to the gym every morning where I work, then at night I go to classes at my local gym. My favourites are ab blast & HIIT.

3. My dog is the love of my life! (apart from my boyfriend Josh, of course)

4. I 'studied' Graphic Design at Newport Uni - although I didn't complete the course, sob sob. 

5. I am currently working at a YMCA as an Administrator.

6. I've moved out of my mothers house a total of 6 times(!) I'm back there now but am saving to move for the 7th time!

7. My favourite bands of all time are Slipknot and the Backstreet Boys.

My nominations are:

All you guys have to do is make your list of 7 facts about yourself, publish the post and then choose your own nominees of bloggers who have less than 1000 followers.

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  1. You know what, this is actually the most hardest things to do when you biggest talent is eating hahaha there's not much to me than that to be honest, but we're working on it! I studied Graphic Design, did a foundation course and never continued that path but I loved it! Thanks for sharing!