La Directions - Violet

I decided to take the leap from blue to purple recently (my hair hates me!) I used my usual 'BlondMe' bleach from Sallys to bleach out the blue. I use A LOT of this as my hair is so thick, these large pots last me around 2 possibly 3 bleaches. Mix the 2 together, (I am NOT a professional so ashamedly I just guess the quantities!) I leave this on my head for around 20 - 30 minutes, rinse in the shower and I am left with super bright white hair. No need for toning.

 I then decided on the colour 'Violet' from Directions as I think these are a lot kinder to your hair than the Live colour that I had previously used. I roughly dry my hair and mix a SMALL amount of the violet dye with a very large amount of white tresemme conditioner (enough to cover my hair). I leave this to do its thing for around 30 minutes and ta da...! 

I love this colour, it turned out exactly how I wanted it - pastel purple/grey/white. I have been applying coconut oil to the ends of my hair as all these bleaching does take its toll! When I bleach my hair I often trim the ends. I have also starting taking biotin again in hopes to give my hair a bit more life.

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