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Primark - 'Beauty Blenders'

I had seen a bunch of posts raving about the Primark 'beauty blenders' so decided to pick some up when my Real Techniques one had died a sad death. The sponges are OK quality, I have tried wetting them and squishing them but the larger sponges are just too hard for me! I find they don't blend my foundation as well as the Real Techniques sponges do. Although the price is great personally I think spending that little extra on the RT brand is worth it as those sponges have never failed me. They are far better quality - soft and make applying my foundation super easy.

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Sweat with Kayla - App Review

I recently downloaded the Bikini Body Guide app from Kayla Itsines. As you may know from my twitter/blog I have tried a lot of these types of guides. I've done the Body Coach, LDN Muscle & a plan from the fitness instructor from my gym and I have enjoyed them all - The only problem is I get bored! I seem to constantly be looking for something else to try. Although this app is quite expensive at £15 per month I do think that the amount of content and support in the community is worth the cost. It works out at just £3.75 a week with the average class at my gym costing £5.95, so if you look at it that way it's pretty good.

Here is how the app looks. Each week you need to do three resistance workouts (legs, arms & abs and full body), LISS and HIIT and there is also a recovery section for stretching and foam rolling - which feels amazing! Each week is different. The great thing about this app is that it includes recipes and a meal plan so if you are struggling with thinking of healthy meals this is perfect. 


Where to Eat - Jo Jo's

Healthy Eating Ideas

 'Fake' Pizza! - These are perfect if you are craving a take away and they really do fill you up!
 Use a wrap as a base. Cover wrap with tinned tomatos and then add all the healthy veggies that you like. I've used mushrooms, spinach, peppers & aubergines. Add grated mozzeralla or feta cheese on top and bake in the oven for around 10/15 minutes.

Pineapple Smoothie - This is my absolute favourite flavour. Think healthy pina colada! Almond milk (or coconut milk), frozen pineapple, one banana, a blob of skyr yoghurt and a scoop of My Protein vanilla protein. I blend the ingrediants using my Blend Active then take this to the gym with me to enjoy after my workout.

Photo Diary - Brighton

La Directions - Violet

I decided to take the leap from blue to purple recently (my hair hates me!) I used my usual 'BlondMe' bleach from Sallys to bleach out the blue. I use A LOT of this as my hair is so thick, these large pots last me around 2 possibly 3 bleaches. Mix the 2 together, (I am NOT a professional so ashamedly I just guess the quantities!) I leave this on my head for around 20 - 30 minutes, rinse in the shower and I am left with super bright white hair. No need for toning.

 I then decided on the colour 'Violet' from Directions as I think these are a lot kinder to your hair than the Live colour that I had previously used. I roughly dry my hair and mix a SMALL amount of the violet dye with a very large amount of white tresemme conditioner (enough to cover my hair). I leave this to do its thing for around 30 minutes and ta da...! 

I love this colour, it turned out exactly how I wanted it - pastel purple/grey/white. I have been applying coconut oil to the ends of my hair as all these bleaching does take its toll! When I bleach my hair I often trim the ends. I have also starting taking biotin again in hopes to give my hair a bit more life.