From Electric Blue to Turquoise Temptation

The best thing I have done recently is switch from Crazy Color to Live Ultra Brights. Although, when using Crazy Color my hair was more of a pastel blue so it was expected not to last many washes now that I have gone a brighter blue it lasts sooo long! Weeks! The colour needed some getting used to at first as Electric Blue is seriously bright but now I love it. I do get bored very easily with my hair so I've decided to switch it up slightly and use Turquoise Temptation this time.

Firstly, I needed to bleach out the current blue and my roots that have grown in. I use this Schwarzkopf Blond Me from Sallys (lesson learned - drugstore bleaches do not work for me at all, they really kill my hair). I leave the bleach to develop for around 30 mins then wash this off. I then towel dry my hair as the Live Ultra Brights need to be applied to damp hair. I mixed 4 (!) turquoise with 1 blue that I had left over (with a little conditioner) apply to my hair and leave to develop for 30 mins. My one con about these colours is there is not enough product per box but at £3.50 per box it's really not so bad.

Although I only used 1 blue with 4 turquoise my hair came out! A not so bright blue. I've had to touch up some blondey bits that I had missed with left over blue dye mixed in with my conditioner but here's the final result..!


  1. Oh I absolutely love your hair blue! It looks amazing :) This is actually tempting me to try it haha xxx

    Sam // What I Know Now

    1. Thank you lovely! You should def give it a go xx :)

  2. Wow, love the vibrancy! You look like a cross between a mermaid and Katy Perry's famous blue phase, love it!

    www.Barely There | British Beauty & Lifestyle blog


  3. Your hair looks amazing!