So, my bright pinky-purple hair eventually faded to a swampy blue-green, pinky weirdness. 

My favourite dye to use at the moment is Crazy Color. There is such a wide range of colours to choose from and the dye is super pigmented so I only need a few drops in with conditioner to get my desired colour - these small bottles are gonna last me a while! I pick these up from my local Sallys at around £6. I decided to try 'sky blue' mixed in with a butt load of conditioner, I'm talking one of them huge treseme bottles as my hair is so thick. I left the mixture on top of the swampy weirdness for around 30 minutes. The results were kinda weird but I like it - my roots had held the purple colour from before so the top half is purpley blue and my ends are a light mermaid blue. 

Faded silvery blue!

When using pastel colours your hair is guaranteed to start fading after the first wash. I find using a silver shampoo (bleach london is a favourite) will help your blue hair last a little longer or popping a little bit of the crazy color dye in to your conditioner. 

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