Hi I'm Jessica and I have neglected my skin for way too long! Y'know when you're almost 30 (!!) and you look in the mirror and you see a tired, dry skinned, pale zombie looking back? Yeah, that's me. So here are the products I am currently using.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - I use this every morning and evening to remove my make up with a cotton pad. This stuff is perfect for sensitive skin, it literally just feels like water but removes my make up with ease. No fuss. I love these travel size bottles which are only £1 at the moment in Superdrug.

Simple Kind to Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser £3.99 - This light moisturiser is great for sensitive skin making it perfect for every day use. I usually apply a little amount before I go to bed.

I had read great things about the Superdrug Vitamin E range - I picked up the Gentle Oatmeal Exoliator which I use in the shower once or twice a week - I love this product as it feels gentle on my skin and works well with my dry skin, there is no irratation. Next, the Hot Cloth Cleanser which I use as a once a week 'treat'. The cleanser itself is a thick formula which really feels like it is 'feeding' my skin - I hope that makes sense! My skin is left super soft afterwards plus using the hot cloth on my face feels really relaxing.

I am a bit late to the cleansing brush party but after realising my skin needed some extra TLC I decided to research these brushes - I came across the No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing brush on the boots website, I was initially drawn in by the price £24.95 (a bargain compared to the higher end brands) and after reading great reviews online I popped along to my local store and picked this up along with the No 7 Beautiful Skin Melting Gel Cleanser £9.50.  *Side note: - Please listen to the many warnings on the box and tie your hair up! I may have got mine tangled and it may have been a super scary experience!

After the first use my skin felt.. clean! Super clean. I use the slower setting on my cheeks, chin & forehead then the higher setting on my nose as this gives a deeper clean. I will only use this 1 - 2 times a week as I do not want my skin to get angry. I think 1-2 times is enough, it really makes a difference to my skin and the dryness that I usually experience. It is great at getting rid of any dry skin which I get around my nose / eyebrow area (so weird). After I 'brush' my face I apply a small amount of moisturiser to calm the skin.

Last but certainly not least, No 1 at the moment for my skin is the Lush Mask of Magnaminty £9.95 which I will use once or twice a month when my skin flares up. This product is a face and body mask with antiseptic and cooling properties which works wonders on any nasty suprises. I have tried a number of masks from Lush and this always comes out on top.


  1. loved this post! I love skincare but I'm SO bad at following a routine and my skin suffers :(


    1. thank you lovely! im trying really hard to stick to a routine hehe xx