The Body Coach - 90 DAYSSS PLAN - My Experience

I'm sure many of you have heard of The Body Coach already but I thought I'd post a brief blog of my experience. After losing 2 1/2 stone almost 2 years ago (10 1/2 stone to 8 stone) the weight started to slowly creep back on. The weight gain wasn't so much an issue for me (oh, hello again boobs) but I decided I really wanted to tone up. 

The plan comes in 3 cycles. Shape, Shift, Sustain.

Cyle 1 - This is aimed mostly at melting fat with a strong focus on HIIT. This for me was my favourite cycle, I loved the food & really enjoyed the exercise. I felt I was more prepared and focused with this cycle, probably because I was excited to start the process. This in no way felt like a diet, three words 'build up bagel' (!) 

Cycle 2 - Here we are introduced to a lot more carb based meals and weights are slowly incorporated in to the exercises. I'm not sure why, maybe because I had a lot going on with moving home but I couldn't seem to get into this cycle. I loved finally getting to use weights but I found it difficult to think up my own recipes with the pick 'n' mix options which is strange as this obviously gives you more freedom with meals.  I was actually really pleased and suprised with my overall results on this cycle ( I added an extra week - results below!)

Cycle 3 - Unfortunately, I kinda just lost my 'mojo', I didn't follow the recipes butI did try my best to stick with the exercise side of things.  Even though I did my 'own thing' most of the time I still learned a lot from this plan and I am glad that I took the plunge to sign up. It was a big learning curve for me & has really helped with my training.
Just remember 'cheat meals' are O.K. Maybe don't go as wild as I did (this is just a fraction) You must enjoy yourself and don't take it too seriously, this is a life style change not a diet! I notice many people getting upset over one cheat meal - it really isn't worth beating yourself up over - just try your best to get back on track the next day. Seriously though, look at those onion rings. 

My Top Tips

1. Join this Facebook Group where you can find some inovative recipes such as the oat cookies, baked pancakes, protein mug cake
2. Instagram is a great place for support and inspiration
3. Buy in bulk (at your local butchers or are great)
4. Calorie free dips are your friend - rice cakes can get a little lonely
5. Aldi & Lidl are your best friends when it comes to keeping costs down
6. Brocoli bread is not as cool as it sounds
7. Find a workout pal
8. Plan, plan, plan, prep, prep, prep!


Firstly, I have to share my boyfriends cycle 1 results (!) Although he didn't purchase the plan himself he followed the principles along with my plan (we ate together & went to the gym together) and his results are amazing! 

Here are my before and end of cycle 2 results. This is where I saw the most change. (ignore my unfortunate fake tan) My only regret is that I didn't just crack on with cycle 3! My next step now is to try the LDN Muscle Bikini Guide (I will still be pinching some recipes from The Body Coach) Hopefully I can stick to it 100% - watch this space :-p

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