Yesterday I received my very first Gousto box!

Inside, you receive quality ingredients to create 3 healthy meals for 2 or 4 people. Before each order you get the chance to choose your preferred meals from a set menu. I chose chicken teriyaki, buttered cod and daikon curry.

 I was suuuuper excited when I opened this box (so much so that my work colleagues made fun of me, what can i say i get excited over good food!)  The first thing I noticed was how well it was packaged, using sheep's wool and ice to keep the meats fresh. I also love that it comes with a cute little file to keep all the recipes that you collect.

The first meal I made was the chicken teriyaki with basmatic rice & sugar snap peas.
 All the ingredients were provided, even including the sesame seeds.

Look at that beautiful close up! The chicken was delicious although, I did burn the rice (sob). You also get the chance to add little extras like this seriously good dark chocolate.

If you would like to place an order you can use my code  which will give you a lovely £25 off!


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