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My Favourite Fitness Youtubers

Hey guys - I thought it was time that I share some of my favourite fitness channels with you. Youtube is a goldmine of fitness knowledge from nutrition through to workouts, fun bits & sciencey boring bits. Ever since getting a new TV with a YOUTUBE BUTTON that's all I seem to watch. I can sit for hours just scrolling through taking in new workout routines & recipe ideas.

If like me you are only recently starting to take the gym (semi) serious then the channels I have picked out above are perfect. I often feel self concious at the gym worrying if I am using the correct form etc but I have found after following these ladies for a while my confidence has grown (I also purchased the Grace Fit Guide which I talked about a little in a previous post).

As I mentioned before I am starting to make the transition to vegan, I have found Simnett Nutrition to be a fountain of vegan knowledge, proving that getting enough protein is no problem on a vegan diet (!).

Do you have any favourite fitness bloggers/youtubers? Please share in the comments below!

Jess xo

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Hair Treatment - Olaplex

Hey look! It's another hair care post ☺Just a short one today to share my experience with Olaplex and to pretty much tell you all to try it asap. 

A few weeks a go I finally took the plunge and booked myself in the hairdressers. Now, I have the hairdresser fear big time - my last visit wasn't the most pleasant. The lady made it clear to me that my hair was in bad condition (thanks for the confidence boost love!) but since my roots had been growing in and my ends looked a little dead I thought it was time to book myself in. After snooping online I found a hairdresser that also did the Olaplex hair treatmet that I had heard lots about, the before & after photos drew me in and there were hundreds of great reviews.

The treatment itself is a 3 step process. Firstly, number 1 works deep in to the hair begining the process of repairing and preventing damage. Number 2 helps to build and repair broken bonds, leaving the hair super soft and healthy. Number 3 is a at home treatment which you can use to prevent ongoing damage. I am sure there is lots of beautiful sciency stuff to it but this is the simple version!

I chose to have my roots darkened with lots of highlights through the lengths. The dying process & olaplex treatment took around 3 hours all together which isn't unsual as my hair is super thick. The treatment is so simple, it goes on to the hair with the dye/toner (I believe) for around 10 - 15mins, then after that is all rinsed off Number 2 goes on to the hair for the same amount of time. I have not used the Number 3 treatment so sadly can't comment on that, but it's definately something I'll considering purchasing in the future.

After having a much needed trim and a blow dry my hair I felt like a different person - Here are the before and after which are kinda strange as my hair looks longer in the after photo!

I could not believe the difference in my hair, it was so soft and shiny. I have never seen it look so healthy! I was so happy that I decided to have a trim too, sometimes it's needed to get rid of those horrible spilt ends. It gave me a much needed confidence boost, at only £20 it is seriously worth it. I no doubt will be asking for this treatment every time I go to the hairdressers. 

I have just re-ordered my usual biotin so let the hair growing journey commence!

Jess xo

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